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Pataki de Oshún and Orula, saving a kingdom from their enemies

Pataki de Oshún and Orula

Oshun, Osha at the head, warrior, woman and mother, owner of rivers and the sweetness of honey, represents the intensity of feelings and spirituality, human sensuality, love and femininity.

The Yoruba Goddess of Love, is the smallest, the happiest and most pampered in the Yoruba pantheon, she is also fair and courageous and loves to fight for noble causes.

His goodness is as great as how far its waters reach, it gives love and flows like the current of its rivers.

Thus, she was once linked to Orula, the great Yoruba fortune teller, in her attempt to save a kingdom from her enemies.

Legend of Oshun, virtues of the Goddess of love

The Pataki says that the monarch of a Yoruba land was besieged by political enemies everywhere who tried to usurp power.

Worried, the king sent for orula, the most famous babalawo in his region, but he refused to go to the palace.

Several times the monarch called him with all possible offers but the soothsayer constantly refused to appear in front of him.

But Oshún wanted to help the kingdom and offered to search for Orula. Thus he appeared on a visit to the babalawo's house, and talked with him until very late. The soothsayer was delighted with the beautiful and wise girl.

But since they spoke until very late, Oshún asked him to let her sleep in his bed that night so as not to face the danger of the roads.

by the mañaNa, she woke up very early and put the ékuele (oracle) and the iyefá (Ifá powder) in her handkerchief and prepared a good breakfast for Orula. Then he announced that he already had to leave.

But Orula did not want to separate from the beautiful girl so she decided to accompanyañawalk her along the way.

Walking and talking, they both came to a river. There the soothsayer told Oshún that he could not continue, without first consulting with the ékuele to see if he should do so or not.

And so the wise girl showed him what she had brought in the handkerchief. Orula was convinced that he should follow her and thus reached the king's palace.

Orula consults Ifá and saves a people from war

The monarch was desperate at the intrigue of his political enemies and wanted to ask whether or not there would be war in his country, and how he could identify those who were loyal to him.

The soothsayer then threw away the ékuele and told the king that he should offer two eyelé (dove) and oú (cotton). After doing so, he told the king that he would have no problems, and that he would be victorious in the war.

Likewise, he warned him that he should pay attention to all his subjects, since the faithful would be those who had cotton on their heads. And since Orula's word never falls to the ground, the kingdom has enjoyed peace and tranquility ever since.

Oshún is not only a beautiful orisha, but her goodness shines as bright as her riches. Legends like these make us reflect on the importance of helping others and using intelligence and cunning to achieve it.

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