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2 Pataki that demonstrate the goodness of Oshún

Pataki from Oshún

La Yoruba Goddess of Love Oshún, many times she is seen only as a feminine deity full of sensuality and wealth, who enjoys the attention and likes to enchant those who observe her.

However, many are the legends that show the sacrifices, honor and integrity of a deity who can be sweet as honey, but also extremely righteous and noble.

We show below 2 pataki that demonstrate the benevolence of Oshun:

Pataki de Oshún and Shango

The story goes that a long time ago there was a very poor people who did not have any kind of religious orientation and as they did not know the rules and teachings, they did not have an osha seat.

And it all seemed to be the fault of ShangoGod of thunder, lightning and storms, who did "evil deeds" to that people to favor other parts of that land.

However Oshun He learned about the precarious situation in which the people of the village were and decided that he could not sit idly by. So he decided to go to town and do cleanings and good works and teach the people the rules of Ocha.

Thus, the town began to move forward and the people were happy to have Oshun with them.

But Shango learned of the prosperity of the town and was very furious. He decided to go to town and ask each person if they had Osha in their lerí (head). To the one who answered affirmatively, he killed him without mercy.

The people full of fear told the kind Goddess who had helped them, the ordeal and she went next to olofi to ask for help. Olofi answered their prayers and met with Oshun and Shango.

When the three of them were together, Olofi praised Oshun for the good works he was doing in the town and for teaching religious wisdom and he reproached Shango for doing evil.

Then he told them that this war must end and as a conclusion he stated:

Oshun could not make Osha to any omo Shango, and Shango could not make Osha to any omo of Oshun.

Omo (Son)

In this pataki it is supported why the Orisha Oshún does not settle Shango and Shango does not settle Oshún.

Mother Oshún and the coin

The pataki tells that Oshun She lost her kingdom and her riches due to wars and her determination to help the whole world, which is why she was plunged into total misery.

For this reason, he decided to wash clothes in a river and people paid him a copper coin, which he used to feed his little ones.

One day she was washing and her last coin fell into the river, which slowly dragged her to the sea.

Oshun desperate for the sustenance of her children she prayed to the gods of the waters, Yemaya y Olokun, so that they would give him back his currency so that he could pay for the food of his children.

Yemayá and Olokun listened to their prayers and moved, they collected all the riches of the seas and offered them to Oshun, but she only picked up her copper coin.

Then the deities understood the honesty of that queen without riches and for her honor and sacrifice they offered her riches and the river as her home, warning her that she should never again give everything she had.

These pataki teach us that Oshun it is benevolent, kind, it is a mother's love, it is a woman's love. She is a Goddess who helps her step, and that, although she has an impetuous character when offended, whenever she is loved she gives happiness, love and abundance.

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