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Know the History Why Oyá Yansa reigns in the graveyard?

Pataki by Oyá

At the beginning of time in Africa there was a tribe that lived in harmony and sustained itself thanks to the hard work of its members.

Pataki where Oyá is crowned as Lady of the Cemetery

In this tribe habitaban three sisters:

The oldest named Yemayá

She was very industrious and dedicated herself daily to fishing and work related to the sea and the trade of its products.

Oshún the second sister

She worked in the river, she entered it with her white dress and washed the clothes of those who were in charge of it, by the end of the day her clothes were dyed yellow and then she returned home.

Oyá, name that corresponded to the third sister

She was very small so she could not work, being cared for by Oshún who laid her down on the riverbank while she carried out her chores. 

One day, surprisingly, his town was invaded and subdued by the enemy army.

The invasion of the town and the capture of Oyá...

Yemayá, who was in the sea, did not suffer the impact of the intervention directly, Oshún was washing in the river while taking care of her little sister who was on the shore, suddenly and without her being able to do anything, the soldiers took Oyá.

A disconsolate Oshún went to the king to return her sister, who then imposed a ransom in exchange for the integrity of the little girl.

Yemayá deeply felt the capture of her little sister, but Oshún was heartbroken so she worked tirelessly in order to obtain the relevant finances to recover her.

Oshun sacrifices herself for her younger sister Oyá

Years passed before the laundress could collect the established sum and once she finished finding it, she left for the palace so that the king would return her Oyá. 

The king who was a ruthless man was surprised to see that Oshún had obtained the ransom.

He had always been in love with Oshún despite the fact that she had never paid attention to him, so he told him that the rules had changed and if he wanted to get his sister back, he had to surrender to him.

Oshún very reluctantly sacrificed himself for his sister and in this way was able to obtain her freedom.

Olofi rewards the 3 sisters and crowns Oyá as "Queen of the Graveyard"

Olofin, who had found out what happened, wanted to reward the sisters for the unpleasant event they experienced, for which he gave:

  • To Yemayá the sea so that it could live and be happy,
  • Oshún was awarded with mastery of the river and the protective gift of motherhood.

Olofin realized that he had already distributed two large spaces of the earth and had no other regions to offer to Oyá.

So he told him that the reign of the spirit world would be his legacy and all living beings would enter it to pay courtesy through the cemetery where he was crowned queen and lady. 

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