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How does Osain del Monte punish those who do not pay tribute to him? Pataki

Pataki by ozain del monte

One day obbatala He was very ill and his house was falling, so he went to see where the fortune teller Orunmila and this Ifá, Iroso Osa, comes out and tells him:

You must do Ebbó and you will find the necessary equipment to do it in the mountains, but first you must pay tribute to the mountains.

Obbatalá goes into the mountains, but he doesn't pay attention to Orunmila and he doesn't pay anything. On the way he meets Choose the owner of the road, and tells him what Orunmila told him and to help him find the ingredients he needed.

They kept walking together and they meet Oggún the owner of iron, and Obatalá makes the same comment as what the fortune teller had told him and asks for his help.

The weather begins to turn bad, the sky is clouded and thunder and lightning begin to fall.

Appears King Shango on the way and he meets Obbatalá, Elegguá and Oggún. Obbatalá tells what happened to Shangó and also asks him for help.

Mount Owner Appears: Osain

Tribute to Osain

They all resume their journey together and suddenly Osain from the mountain appears and addressing them he says:

Who gave them permission to enter my lands?

None of them answered and they continued on their way, ignoring what Osain had said and cutting plants, trees, and herbs as they passed.

At the end of the day, Obbatalá returned with all the ingredients of the forest to make Ebbó, but he was so exhausted from walking that he fell asleep without doing the cleaning indicated by Orula.

The one who does NOT make ebbó, CANNOT be saved!

After a while a very strange noise awakens him and when he opens his eyes there was no place for him to look that he did not fall, everything fell. All the corners collapsed as did the roof.

Very scared he goes to see Orunmila hastily and tells him what has happened. Orula looks at him and tells him that everything that happened is for ignoring and not doing Ebbó.

Obbatalá begs him again to make him Ebbó and to forgive his disobedience.

Then the wise Orula makes Ebbó to Obbatalá and before closing he says:

You didn't pay the right to those Osain lands either, that's why your whole house fell. In addition, you must give a rooster to each corner of your house and a Zunzún bird to Osain in the bush, plus 3 cents of duty.

Obbatalá improved after doing all the Ebbó following Orunmila's instructions and in gratitude, he offered a goat to the soothsayer, knelt before him, and rendered him Moforibale. 

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