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Pataki de Shango and Oggún, war between Orishas

Pataki Shango and Oggún

Shango He is a warrior Orisha, a red man of fight and battle, the king of the Yoruba religion and one of the most popular Orishas in the cult of the Rule of Osha (Santeria).

Deity of justice, dance, virile strength, thunder, lightning and fire. Owner of the magical touches of the Batá drums, of the music of the Wemilares, of the Bembés, he dances as if fighting, with his powerful sword removing curses.

As its representative color, red, Shango it is the intensity of life, masculine beauty, passion and intelligence.

But we must remember that Shango it also represents justice in every way. The Yoruba legend tells that he came down to Earth when people had forgotten the teachings of God and was sent to cleanse society and make the people follow the teachings of the one God again.

The legend, Oggún the warrior and Shango the vigilante

The pataki (legend) tells that Shango defeated Oggun, the God of iron and mountains, also a warrior and fighter, and returned to his carefree life of women and parties, while Oggún returned to his forge and work.

They both avoided each other and did not speak to each other. If the Gods were seen, thunder was heard and lightning was seen crossing the entire breadth of the sky, the natural energies of the orisha became majestic and impetuous.  

Wanting to discover the reasons behind the fight of Shango and Oggún, Obatala, the father of all, a man of peace and immense purity, decided to summon the God of Thunder to his palace and listen to his explanations.

He told Shango that he was extremely sad about his fight with Oggún and stated that it was the fault of his impulsive temperament and his strong character.

What Shango replied:

“It is your fault Baba, he has offended my mother, and then he went after Oyá and tried to come between Oshun and me.

Obbatalá agreed that Oggún should not have offended the mother of Shango, however, specified that he was not completely innocent, since Oyá She was Oggun's wife and Oshún had tempted him and therefore Oggun was sentenced to forced labor throughout his life.

"You took his wife and his lover and stole his sword and his color," insisted Obbatalá in defense of Oggún.

With what Shango He was silent for a while, but then quickly said that Oggún had killed his dog, to become the owner of the dogs.

Shango receives justice, peace and wisdom from his father Obatalá

Baba calculated Shango's anger and said:

"I understand your resentment, but you need to understand that uncontrolled energy can be very destructive."

Thus, he told him the secret of how to control energy and warrior impulse and offered him a gift.

Obbatalá took out the white bead necklace that he always wore and removed one of the beads to give it to Shango.

Then he said:

"Wear this white bead, as a symbol of peace and wisdom, with the red beads on your necklace."

Obbatalá told Shango that, from that moment on, his virtue would be justice and not revenge and since then the Orisha has worn a necklace of red and white beads and has been just, as his father entrusted him.

To pray for justice, we seek out Shango, the Orisha that represents the justice of Olodumare. We also ask him that our life be fair, that people who want to harm us leave us, that he bring us prosperity and health.

Prayer to the orisha Changó to ask for justice:

The following prayer, although very short, can help us to ask King Shango for justice, light a red or white candle in his name, and sit down and talk heartily with him, ask him to intercede in your help and beg his request with faith and above all with a lot of love.

Oh, my beloved Shango my father, hear my plea and give me protection.

I implore you, Shango, give me that protection and shelter that my home and family need. We will be grateful to you.

My father! Give me the protection that my life needs.

Beloved Shango, I hope that this day you protect me wherever I go.

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