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Yemayá, 2 Patakí on the sublime Queen of the Seas

Pataki from yemayá

Yemaya, is one of the most powerful Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon, queen of the seas, blue woman of salty waters, mother of fish and protector of pregnant women. Her faithful devotees come to her to ask for love, prosperity, health and fertility.

And it is that the legends (pataki) tell that Yemaya He is one of the most capable Orishas with the greatest qualities, including goodness, integrity, courage and wisdom.

She is protective and justic by nature, the great mother of her children who live on earth, who controls the majestic energies of the waters and with her cleanses our destiny.

We now propose two stories that prove it.

Patakí: Before Olofin's punishment, Yemayá saves men

Pataki tells that Constitution one day he was angered by the lack of prayers and ceremonies dedicated to him by his subjects. So angry and eager for revenge, he took the rain away from them.

Thus the Yoruba kingdom was plunged into misery due to the lack of water and with it, food and goods necessary for life.

But the Orishas who resided between the earth and the sky decided to help mortals and wondered which of them should go to Olofin and ask for his forgiveness. A) Yes Shango after listening to everyone he proposed that it be Yemaya, for its characteristics and its great powers.

Yemaya fully resolved to help the villagers, she set out on the road to Olofin's palace, which was located on top of a mountain.aña. But the ascent was not easy due to the powerful heat, the parched ground and the dust.

When he managed to climb the mountainaña, Yemaya She arrived exhausted and had yet to walk through the palace gardens, but her immense thirst prevented her, so she decided to drink water from the first thing in front of her, a dirty pool of water.

Olofin saw the beautiful and powerful Yemaya drinking dirty water and felt ashamed for his cruelty of punishment, so he told him that he would forgive the men and promised that he would send the water to them little by little so as not to cause damage to the earth.

Thus Yemayá was the savior of men, with her humility and sacrifice she managed to obtain the forgiveness of the great Olofin, because Yemayá is Orisha and mother of all, we must thank her every day.

The pataki of the wise man Orula and the mighty Yemayá

The Pataki tells that the great diviner of Ifé, Orula, was married to Yemaya, whom he always considered and loved for her immense sharpness and intelligence.

But the great diviner Orula had a secret, because when he used the Diloggún (oracle) his wife communicated the future of the consultants, thanks to her power over all things in the sea such as snails.

Thus Orula gave successful consultations and everyone was extremely grateful for his advice.

But one day Olofi summoned all the Awó and Orula had to leave. The soothsayer left the Goddess of the Seas money to live during that time, but Orula lingered in Olofi's house much longer due to matters that required it.

Yemayá guesses with her snails:

Y Yemaya He decided to consult people on his own, leaving many in awe of his power and excellent advice.  

So when Orula returned, all along the way he heard that there was a woman with immense powers of divination who helped all the consultants to face the problems, so he decided to disguise himself and find her.

It was quite a surprise to find her in her own home. And as soon as you enter the door in disguise, Yemaya recognized it. The goddess reproached him for having left her alone for so long and stated that she would not be in need.

Orula got angry and went to Olofi to withdraw that power, but Olofi listened to Yemaya and ordered Orula to only consult with the okpele, ikines and the Ifá board.

Likewise, he gave Yemayá the domain of the Oracle of Diloggún. In addition, he demanded that, as a token of respect, when Yemaya out in his Oddun every Babalawos they should touch their forehead to the board and say Ebbo Fi Ebboada.

And it is that as their legends tell, Yemaya It is powerful, its wisdom possesses the energy of the great oceans of the world, it is life like its waters and the majestic spirit that governs them.

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