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Why did Obatala bless the Ekute "Mouse" with a Great Power?

Ekute pataki

The pataki corresponding to the odun Ejiogbe tells about the arrival to the world on a certain occasion of a boy who would come to revolutionize the Earth with his gifts.

Pataki: Mice protect King Obatala from the enemy

It is believed that his parents were blessed by the hand of his own Olodumare, who placed in his descendant the wisdom, intelligence and heart belonging to a good king.

Some time later the news of the blessing that was born in the little boy was released.

So the king of the people jealous of the virtues of Obatala, the name with which they designated the child, exercised a relentless persecution over this family that, according to him, should end with the death of all its members in order to guarantee their stay on the throne of the kingdom.

The Orisha Eleguá removes little Obatalá from his adversaries

Eleggua, who was aware of the atrocious situation, guided the family to a temporarily safe place, where they had to leave the little boy in their care and they continued their way into exile in order to keep their lives safe.

With the passage of time Obatalá grew and with this his fame and direct harassment towards him.

Which was turned off by the direct protection he received from Elegguá, Orisha who owns all the paths that man travels.

The Mouse saves the King from great danger

On one occasion Obatalá was surrounded by the enemy and ran with all his strength towards a ceiba tree. Upon his arrival, agitated, he heard voices calling him, these came from the roots of the tree where some mice lived.

They welcomed Obatalá into their burrow and for sixteen days they provided him with food and water so that he could survive and lose the enemy.

Obatalá in gratitude grants the Ekute a "Great Blessing"

After sixteen days, Obatalá was free from the enemy and very grateful for the help he received from the mouse, named at that time as ekute, for which he blessed him saying:

As long as the world is world you can escape from your enemies and you will always have a roof to shelter in and sources of food to feed you.

It was not long before the monarch's reign fell at the hands of the justice of the young Obatala, who occupied the throne that rightfully belonged to him.

Reigning then over his hometown, where he was able to reconnect with his parents and live many years of happiness and prosperity thanks to the blessing of Olodumare and the help he received from Elegguá and the mice.

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