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Ifá says: When the Lion roars everyone trembles The protector of Oshún!

Pataki of the lion

The sons of Oshún longed to have a high position in life so they went to the house of an Ifá priest to register them.

This marked them an odun that spoke of an important loss at the hands of the enemy and at the same time a great surprise.

Pataki where the Lion becomes the guardian of Oshún

These fearful for their mother's safety began looking for candidates to protect her and thus ensure that the mandate of their mother was preserved. Oshun on the earth.

For it was precisely in their loss that they first thought when the Babalawo described the lyrics.

No matter how many candidates presented themselves, none was able to surprise the sons of Oshún.

Then a friend of these said he knew the one indicated to occupy that position, so he asked for a deadline to find him and bring him to the jungle where the Oshún castle was located.

In this way the good man set out in search of the lion.

The word of Ifá helps the Lion to ward off his enemies

When he arrived at the big cat's house and told him about the proposal, he was insecure because he feared he would fall short of the expectations created.

However, he was interested in the proposal, because he wanted to show the world its worth.

Together they went to see orunmila who marked the performance of a ceremony for the lion which consisted of taking a concoction and later performing an ebbó made with which the lion agreed.

Once the ritual was carried out, the lion and the man left for the jungle towards the Oshún palace.

Along the way, every time the lion felt the need, he urinated and with this action he unconsciously created a trail that kept his enemies at a distance, due to the strong smell that his urine gave off.

The Lion is named "King of the jungle"

When they were in front of Oshún's palace the view was so magnificent that the lion roared.

Upon hearing such a strange and loud sound, the animals came out curious to see who it was.

And when they saw how majestic his mane, his strong complexion and his sharp fangs were, they felt fear of him instilling terror in his figure.

From that moment on, the lion became Oshún's guardian, not allowing anything or anyone to disturb it.

And his bravery was so high that from that moment the lion was named as the king of the jungle, earning the respect of other animals.

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