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Ejiogbe ► The King who fully kept Olofin's word

Pataki Ejiogbe

The pataki relates that Ejiogbe could not live in his kingdom, as he was continually haunted by the presence of his enemies, who always kept his actions closely guarded.

These were very powerful and clearly outnumbered him, but never in value.

Some took possession as men of a very high social and economic level, which is why they bought some settlers, paying them to openly defame the monarch.

Some settlers, reaped by ignorance and greed, accepted the money and undertook the commission without realizing the many achievements that had been achieved under King Ejiogbe and the acts of kindness and mercy that he selflessly developed day by day.

Pataki: King Ejiogbe goes to other lands far from his Enemies

The situation that existed in the town was untenable for the king because the siege towards him every minute that passed was increasing, so he was forced to leave his land and settle a short time later in another distant kingdom.

Upon his arrival in new lands, he began to use his talents as a counselor, a fame that reached the ears of the monarch of that town, who repeatedly invited him to the palace to serve as a guide in making his own decisions. .

Despite his success in other lands, Ejiogbe always kept abreast of his hometown and had a certain sadness in his heart because his achievements in that region had collapsed upon his departure.

Olofin asks the King to return to his throne and rewards him:

For this reason Ejiogbe was cited by Constitution in his palace, a meeting that was held to analyze the misfortunes suffered by his former subjects.

For this reason the supreme Orisha asked the king to return to occupy his throne and not to worry about his former enemies as he would take care of them in person.

Olofin praised the good deeds of Ejiogbe in his native land as well as in distant lands telling the wise man that he would be rewarded for his acts of mercy with which he unconsciously magnified his word.

Ejiogbe accepted Olofin's words with faith and set out for his new destination.

Upon reaching his old town, he found hunger, devastation and ruins, but with determination and hard work he managed to rescue its splendor, a short time later prosperity and harmony reigned in it. 

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