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Yoruba rivalry between Day and Night Meet this beautiful Pataki!

Pataki day and night

The first Yorubas relate that the day was superior to the night, since the man carried out a greater number of activities during his reign.

Yoruba history about day and night:

People woke up with their arrival, the squares and markets were crowded with people and everything was bustle and joy.

While the night was very quiet, most of the human beings slept and those who were awake feared to leave their homes because they found the streets of the town at that time desolate.

Stillness and nostalgia for those who are not reigned, which became more marked in the silence and darkness.

As a result of this, an evident rivalry between day and night began.

The plan to subdue the night under the power of the day ...

The owl was the messenger of the day, because to this he entrusted all his secrets and made her responsible for soaring the sky to deliver his messages to men.

The monkey was the confidant of the owl, one day it required the help of the owl, to together strip the moon of its light and thus subdue the night under the power of day, because in one way or another all the stars they responded to him except the moon, which was due to the night.

The day he asked the owl to personally deliver a letter to the moon in which he invited her to participate in a great feast, which had a spell made by the monkey, which would blind the moonlight completely.

The tinea who had learned of the macabre plans after the indiscretion of the monkey and the owl, spoke with the sun so that it would not give in to the deceptions of the day and prevent the moon from being affected.

A pact to share the immense sky!

The Sun came before the day and told him about the owl's betrayal, later the day he summoned the owl to whom he had read the letter, this after executing the act was blind and the day then told him that this would be the punishment for his indiscretion about what he would see only at night.

The monkey to see his friend affected was speechless in reproach of his actions.

In this way, the moon came out unharmed thanks to the sun with which it established the pact to share the sky during the day and later at night, leaving the dispute between both schedules settled.

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