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How did Olofi's son save his life? Orula leads our way

Olofi's son Pataki

Olofin's son He was a very naughty and disobedient young man, which is why his father asked him to mature and realize that these behaviors would lead to nothing.

On one occasion he sent it with Orula the oracle of Ifá so that he would record it and advise you how to redirect your life on the right path.

Pataki where Olofi's Son learns a life lesson

Orula, who wanted to help him, registered it by marking a sign that spoke of his life in danger, but since Olofin's son was very reckless, he did not pay attention to this.

Orunmila performed an ebbó on him and since the young man was intelligent, he learned the song while Orula pronounced it.

Once the ebbó was finished, the young man walked back home to leave it in the agreed place.

In the middle of the path he was intercepted by some bandits who kidnapped him when they realized that he was Olofin's son, in order to, at the right time, ask for ransom for him.

The Ebbó and the word of Orula will always save us from a bad destiny

As the days went by, the bandits ate and got drunk, the young man, desperate for his situation, began to think of a solution to get out of his head.aña where he was held against his will.

Suddenly the chant of Orula came to his mind, which he began to pronounce over and over again.

The sky turned gray and began to lightning, immediately afterwards a torrential downpour began to fall as it had not happened for years.

Little by little the place began to flood and the bandits, seeing that their lives were in danger, since they did not know how to swim, fled as quickly as possible from the head.aña without looking back leaving the young man alone.

After a few minutes the young man came out of the cabaña and was able to reach his home where he was safe with his father.

The importance of modifying our behavior and following advice

From that day on, Olofin's son understood how much truth existed in the words of his father who had always advised him to modulate his behavior and begin to make good decisions.

So he decided to direct his life to help others, becoming a devoted apprentice and servant of Orula.

Teachings that this pataki gives us to the religious

When a religious brings out this odun from Ogbe Ka Orunmila, he recommends making a change in his life, sticking more closely with the socially correct norms, leaving aside rebellion and immaturity.

This letter talks about the damages that the individual can suffer so it is recommended to be alert and follow the advice of the elders of your biological and religious family to be able to succeed in life.

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