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How did diseases start on Earth? ≫ Patakí

Pataki Ikú and Ogún

Ikú is the manifestation of the Yoruba Pantheon represented as death itself, who suddenly appears and claims the souls. Only Orula the fortune teller He was able to make a pact with her, since it was he who commanded him to respect his children through the Necklace of Orula and Ildé.

Death appears under a dark appearance, it is reflected as the skeleton of a man or dressed in black, who does not sleep and eats humans. When looking for someone, he walks vigilantly outside the house looking for a small hole to enter.

It is Ikú who directs the Ajogún or warriors of evil, known as: aro, ofo, esse, fitiwó, egba, akobá, etc. He has three small children who bring misfortunes to men and to the earth: the first is Sickness (Arun) who is the son of his beloved; My graña, Malaise (Tau) is the second and the third called Fever (Avuvo).

Pataki by Ikú death and Ogún the iron

Legend has it that, at a certain moment, the Creator Olofin, entrusted the government of the Earth and the welfare of men to Ikú and Ogun, patron of blacksmiths and owner of irons.

At that time, health protected men and disease and suffering were unknown, so everyone lived peacefully and happily.

But one day the young people organized a party, and one of them bought otí (brandy) and gave Ogún what he drank until he got drunk and fell asleep deeply without being aware of anything around him.

The emergence of the disease

The owner of the forge and metals lay down, he slept so much that the affairs of Earth began to accumulate.

That is why Ikú went to look for him, because he had to consult him about urgent problems and when he saw him asleep, he wanted to wake him up.

But Ogún, without being fully awake yet, became furious and cut off the hand of his comrade in government with the machete he always carries.

Iku's blood then ran all over the Earth. Everyone who stepped on it became seriously ill and that is how the disease was known on Earth.

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