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Disobedience pays dearly How does Iku punish his godson? ≫ Pataki

Pataki Ikú and his godson

This pataki begins by recounting the life of a family that was in extreme poverty, such was their situation that they often went to bed without having eaten any food.

Concerned parents were uneasy about the imminent arrival of a new member of the household, plus uncertainty overwhelmed them, because how they would bring their children forward if misery was considered reigning in their home.

The night the new son was born was cold and stormy. Instead of joy, sorrows and lamentations were heard as hunger and misery were constant around the famished family.

Ikú "Death" proposes a pact to the humble family

A freezing sound shook his door, the father who remained in the living room of the house heeded the call, before his eyes was Iku who was waiting for the invitation of the human to enter his house.

Between fear and amazement the visit took place, death knew of the family situation that afflicted them so much, so she volunteered to welcome the little boy as her own child in exchange for offering help to the family so that they could prosper.

The doubtful father did not know whether or not to accept such a proposal, because he felt great fear towards Iku, after so much thinking he ended up agreeing to such an offer and that is how the deadly deity raised that child with all the love and luxuries that he could offer to him. The pair helped his family, who always felt indebted to death for receiving such high benefits from it.

The child grew up loved and grateful and came to establish himself with the profession of doctor, on the day of his graduation his adoptive mother gave him a talisman where part of his own essence lay, explaining that through this amulet he would know which sick people could heal and which ones not. .

Whenever you see me at the head of the bed of the dying, you must retreat and leave my way free because it is Olofin himself who has claimed his soul and I must bring it to his feet.

Iku's godson disobeys and breaks the pact

Little by little and after a long time of dedication, the young doctor was gaining renown.

One day a village maid becomes ill and the doctor goes to her house in order to cure her, but upon entering her rooms, she sees death haunting her bed, and upon seeing the girl so beautiful and full of life, breaks the pact with her godmother and the cure.

Death went into a rage and demanded explanations from his beloved son, who implored forgiveness and swore that he would never do it again. But life put him to the test and without planning it he began to fall in love with the maiden, later he made her his wife and they began to form a home.

One night death came to his house and claimed the life of the young wife, who from that moment belonged to Olofin, to which the doctor refused and imposed health on his beloved.

That night without restraining himself, Iku made a sad decision leading the newlyweds to Ara Onu due to the disobedience of his godson.

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