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2 Ogbe Irete Odun Stories that give us Powerful Advice

Pataki Irete Ogbe

Through these patakis the odun Ogbe Irete advises the religious not to tell lies because sooner or later the lies will be discovered and the people involved may experience embarrassment.

At the same time Ogbe Irete advises that every human being be concerned about their actions and avoid wanting toañaOthers with your actions or words, because focusing on yourself is the only way to prosper in life.

Irete Ogbe's Pataki: The blessing of the Sun

This pataki takes place in a simple town like many others, its villagers were religious faithful so they got up very early to ask the blessing of the sun as soon as it came out.

But there was a young man who was always overcome by sleep, so he could not receive the blessings of the Sun, although his family always asked for him.

The other settlers saw that the boy had good development and that although he did not get up to ask for the blessing of the sun, it came to him through his family.

Fact that he had very upset his neighbors who considered that to be blessed he had to sacrifice himself.

So they went to complain to Olofin, who replied that:

Each one had come to this world with a luck and that he could not change that, so they had to worry more about their affairs and less about the development of the boy whom the Sun had decided to favor.

The King banished women as liars.

On a certain occasion Orunmila the great oracle of Ifá he had attended the river to make a sacrifice on it.

Some women who were watching him made a great uproar and complained to the king, accusing Orula of having wanted to poison the water that the people consumed.

Hearing this, the king sent for Orunmila to clarify the situation.

This was stunned by what happened, the monarch asked the fortune teller what he had been doing in the river, to which he replied that:

He had been preparing a consecration and had found it necessary to carry out an animal sacrifice in its vicinity.

Immediately after Orula finished speaking, the king apologized for the embarrassment that had caused him exonerating him of all the charges against which he was accused.

And immediately afterwards as punishment, he expelled women from his kingdom for being liars.

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