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The Power of Divine Justice Not everything that seems Unfair is!

Olofi's justice Pataki

The pataki relates that on one occasion a devotee clung to the belief of the power of the mandate of Constitution through the exercise of divine justice, although as a result of certain processes that occurred in his life in a way that he did not expect, his faith was diminishing, despite the fact that his wishes did not always correspond to morally correct objectives.

Pataki: The devotee goes out in search of Olofi, justice and truth

Overwhelmed and disoriented, he took all his belongings and decided to go in search of Olofin, as the man considered that only the Orisha himself would be able to mitigate his doubts.

As Olofin is omnipotent, omnipresent and almighty, he took it upon himself from his throne in heaven to lead the footsteps of man to his kingdom, so that he could find it without loss.

After a long debate, Olofin proposed to the devotee that he return to earth, promising to see some changes that would allow him to trust again in divine justice.

Before his departure, he equipped him with food, a new saddle, and a mule.

New evidence from Olofin would arrive ...

This is how the man descended from heaven, almost incredulous but expectant for the new evidence that Olofin would send him.

On his way back home, surprising but not definitive facts happened before his eyes to seal his faith.

As his hometown was still far from where it was located, he decided to spend the night in one of the fields in the region.

There is a hidden truth! Not everything is what it seems…

After a while a man of great bearing arrived who got off his horse and began to count a large sum of money, immediately afterwards a horseman murdered him to get his fortune, leaving the lifeless body to his fate. 

Outraged at witnessing such an atrocious event, he began to collect his belongings with the idea of ​​recriminating Olofin for what happened and showing him the reason for his questioning about the power of divine justice.

When he entered the kingdom of Olofin, he was already waiting for him and although he knew everything he was going to say, he listened carefully.

He then explained that:

There is a hidden truth about events that almost never comes to light, so that human beings do not know the reasons that cause things to happen, even if they sometimes seem unfair.

He also commented that the man who had lost his life a few weeks ago had dirty his hands with innocent blood, so that the world only gave him back what it had offered him before. 

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