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Why does the Head have a higher Hierarchy than "The Eyes"? ≫ The Pataki

Pataki head and eyes

At the beginning of time when Olodumare created the world, the eyes and the head were brothers, the eyes being the older brothers and therefore responsible for ensuring the safety of the head.

One day their father approved them and decided to offer them some pumpkins.

The first was saturated with mutton and corojo butter, this was wrapped in fine silk and was juicy and tentative.

The second was perceived surrounded by rags, inside were precious stones and gold, but these were buried by abundant sand, the riches being invisible to the eye.

When both offerings were ready, the father summoned his children in order for them to choose one or the other.

The eyes are guided by what they see and the head by what they think!

Eyes, who was cunning and easily impressionable, took the gourd wrapped in fine silks, while Head opted for the less favored gourd.

Upon reaching their respective homes, both descendants unwrapped their gifts, curious they wanted to decipher the content that the pumpkins treasured.

Ojos was amazed to see that his pumpkin was stuffed with succulent mutton and was grateful for so many benefits.

On reaching his home, Cabeza uncovered his gourd and wondered why his contained sand.

Sad and discouraged, he lay down for a few minutes and after thinking he decided to use the sand in something useful and digging on the bottom of the vegetable he discovered a handful of jewels that multiplied as the rest of the sand that remained inside the container was extracted. .

Then head felt very happy and went to his brother's house to tell him what had happened.

More accurate thinking allowed “La Cabeza” to gain greater hierarchy

Once there they exchanged experiences and the father who was listening to them congratulated the head on their choice.

He felt delighted that he had not given up and that despite having a less showy wrapping, he had chosen the most disadvantaged pumpkin, keeping to himself the inconveniences that it could have caused him.

From that day on, the head was designated as an older brother for having presented a more accurate thought when making decisions.

And that is how the head acquired the renown and importance it deserved, hence the popular proverb was born some time later:

Without having a head there is nothing possible.

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