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DO NOT listen to Siren songs. Be guided by your own head!

Pataki the daughter of Olokun

The mermaid is the legitimate daughter of Olokun, this half-woman, half-fish creature accompaniesaña his mother and guards his castle, which is far away from human sight nestled at the bottom of the ocean where sunlight does not reach.

Numerous testimonies exist on the existence of these creatures, although to this day the veracity of these testimonies has not been able to be demonstrated with concrete facts.

Pataki: The Story of How Olokun's Daughter Bewitched Orula

The pataki relates that on one occasion one of Olokun's daughters came to the ocean surface and managed to see the mainland.

He liked the coastal scenery so much that he reached the shore of the beach and stretched out on the reef, beginning to sing a harmonic melody that incited the helmsmen approaching port to redirect their course to the open sea even when they knew they would not have it. fuel to return.

Orumila, who was dedicated to work related to the sea and fishing, had to set sail to seek sustenance from her home, before doing so she decided to register to see what her day would be like.

Orula does not follow the word of Ifá and suffers the consequences

Then he got an odun where Ifá warned him that his life was in serious danger so he had to stay alert.

Just before leaving, he did a part of the ebbó that he had been instructed to, thinking of completing the rest on his return, took his belongings and went sailing.  

At the beginning of his journey, the sea seemed calm, as night fell back to the coast he heard a seductive melody that urged him to return to the open sea.

But he did not see where the song that enveloped him in a sublime way came from, and no matter how much he tried to try to discover its author, he was unable to make out anything.

He who does NOT ebbo may fall from grace

Intrigued and desperate to discover who the singer was, he neglected to leave the direction of the boat to his fate, entangled by the waves the small ship crashed brutally against the reef and Orumila fell into the water.

He was stunned by the blow and although inside he wanted to fight against the music that enraptured him, he could not do so because it seemed comforting to him.

Suddenly he felt that something was holding him and each time the sound became closer and more seductive.

to the mañaThe next day they found Orula's body lifeless on the shore of the beach.

Teaching of this pataki for all religious "DO NOT listen to sirens songs"

This pataki incites the religious to "Do not hear siren songs", which results in gossip, bad advice and false promises.

Well, sometimes the so-called friends can try to wrap us with patrons.añaIt is that in the long run they are harmful and dire suggestions that will make us make bad decisions.

The devotee is advised to meditate on his plans before carrying them out and to draw conclusions from his own head.

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