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How did the Ants save Orunmila from imprisonment? Pataki

Pataki The Ants saved Orumila

orunmila the great fortune teller lived in the same kingdom as ElegguaOne day the Oracle decided to embark on a new path in order to explore other lands because his intentions were to offer his knowledge to whoever needed it.

In these adventures he was imprisoned by mistake, suffering imprisonment and as he was not known in those directions by any citizen, no one dared to attest to his good deeds so that in this way the oracle would be released.

In those chances of destiny, the days passed, Elegguá was already beginning to worry because he had no news about Orunmila, meanwhile the Oracle planned a way to be free from his confinement.

Orula summons the help of the Ants

Seeing that no human being offered to help him, he sought refuge in nature and its animals as this is the powerful force that reigns over the world.

For this he summoned the help of the ants because the tiny creatures were his only companions.

The ants were grateful to Orula for the goods that the deity had given them in the past, so they accepted his request with great determination and precision.

The sage Orula decomposed his ékuele piece by piece so that the united ants could transport it to the abode where the Orisha, owner of all roads, was located.

Elegguá finds out that the fortune teller is in trouble

After a long journey and overcoming many obstacles, the little ants gave Elegguá the tool with which Orunmila consulted and he knew immediately that his friend was in trouble.

Guided by the trail left by the ants, the smallest saint undertook a journey in order to free the great fortune-teller.

Once he arrived in the town, he began to speak to everyone about the virtues that Orula possessed and his mission as an Ifá oracle, he then proposed that he be released so that through his gifts he could help the region to prosper as it should.

Orunmila marks ebbó and gives development to the people

Once away from the bars, the Orisha who wears green and yellow took his board and other attributes and marked an ebbó so that everyone present could find development.

After sixteen days, the number that establishes the Orunmila brand, the locals began to see the improvements thanks to the ritual that the sage had indicated.

Reason for which he acquired renown and affection among the inhabitants, being then necessary that he go to other regions of the world in order to help the underprivileged, provide protection to the homeless, establish battles against the forces of evil and provide health to the sick. .

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