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How did Oggún, Oshosi, Osun and Elegguá become the Warrior Orishas?

Pataki the warriors

In times of great abundance Oggun, Osun, Oshosi and Elegguá were in charge of providing food for the tribe in which they lived.abitathus guaranteeing the survival of its members.

Osun the lookout

Osun He had the gift of observation and from far away he could see the animals and other sources of water and food that he needed, but when he started on the road in search of them, he lost himself among the vegetation, being unable to commit his true purpose.

Choose the path protector

Eleggua Whoever was in charge of guarding the roads was considered the best tracker in the area, to perform his task he woke up before the sun reigned over the sky and sneaked into the mountains in order to find the herds that he would later hunt and offer to his tribe, in order to provide food and honor to his family.

On a certain occasion it happened that it was impossible for Elegguá to obtain any prey, so his tribe began to suffer needs.

The same problem affected Oggún who was the Orisha who owned iron and all the working instruments created with this metal.

Oggún the owner of the mountain

Oggun He made his way through the thickness of the forest with the help of the edge of his machete, but as the noise caused by the instrument advanced, he was frightened by the prey and when he reached his destination he ended up exhausted from so much physical effort in vain.

Oshosi the hunter

A few miles from there he hunted oshosi, who was the best marksman in the region, his arrow and bow were so accurate that he could catch a prey with his eyes closed.

But this Orisha was affected by his ignorance of the geography of the terrain and the thickness of the forest prevented his arrows from traveling in a rectilinear way.

The Warrior Orishas "The strength is in the joining"

In a way, each of these Orishas had a special gift, which made them unique, but due to fate they could not obtain what they required, for this reason they came before orunmila, the great oracle of Ifá who provided a solution to the problem that tormented them.

The solution was that they had to work as a team in order to achieve a common good.

Since then, Osun has watched the dams, Elegguá marks the trail to his destination, Oggún makes his way through the forest and Oshosi shoots his arrow to fulfill his mission.

In this way the Warrior Orishas, who always work together for a greater good showing that strength is in unity.

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