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How did the masks reassure the Eggunes and save them from osogbos?

Pataki masks

With the creation of the world, all the different forms of life that we know today emerged on the face of the earth, bushes and trees sprouted from the ground, birds arrived and nested in them and successively the rest of the animals, managing to live in harmony. for many years.

As time went by, the trees were disgusted, so they went to the house of Orunmila the Oracle of Ifá.

This in order for it to help them obtain more consideration from other plants and animals, since they believed that they had not deserved all the respect and recognition they owed for the important work they did.

Orula brand ebbó all the trees on earth

Orula marked them the performance of an ebbó, a ceremony that not all trees performed.

Later the great fortune teller suggested the performance of another ritual that would complement the previous one, giving firmness to the benefits obtained.

This new work would be in charge of protecting the trees from witchcraft.

A suggestion that was roundly rejected by the plants as they claimed that they only wanted the consideration they had already received and that therefore they did not yearn for any kind of protection.

Constitution He surprisingly summoned Orumila to his kingdom to whom he explained the tragedy that was lived on earth where all human living beings died unexpectedly while the trees were indolent to this situation.

Then Orula decided to make a sacrifice so that the luck of the world would change.

Thanks to the wood of the trees, humanity was saved ...

Not satisfied with the answer he had gotten from Orula, Olofin requested Oggun For his advice, he promised the supreme Orisha that he would solve the situation more quickly and efficiently.

On his return to earth he cut down many trees and with their wood he made masks, these pieces were given to Olofin from his own hand.

After seven days, Olofin summoned all his children to his kingdom and began to give them the masks made by Oggún.

Then he indicated that the Batá drums be beaten so that the humans would dance with the masks on and in this way they would be consecrated.

Once consecrated, Olofin indicated that the masks should be placed at the entrances of the houses so that in this way the osogbos would stay in them and not affect humans.

Disobedience always pays!

In this way, the trees paid the punishment for their disobedience, but not before seeing their desire for recognition fulfilled, because thanks to the use of their wood, humanity was saved.

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