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Ifá says: «Do not underestimate the small things» these can change your destiny

Pataki don't underestimate

One day the bird with gray plumage and great eloquence challenged the elephant to a fight, he assured that he would be crowned victorious by defeating the imposing mammal.

When the elephant saw the stature of his opponent, he felt safe coming to think that he would have to do nothing to defeat the tiny bird, because with a single movement he would completely annihilate it.

The story of how the bird defeated its adversary with a secret weapon

Prior to the day of the combat, the bird prepared a güiro with red clay, which it diluted in such a way that it simulated having a hematic content and kept it hidden on the crown of one of the trees that would provide shade to the terrain where both opponents would challenge each other. 

That night the elephant fell asleep with great ease, slept rejoicing in his anticipated victory, while the bird mentally and physically prepared to attack his adversary with precision.

He spent the night devising clear and forceful strategies to win and thus achieve the prestige he so longed for.

Once face to face the battle began, an event that was observed by an angry crowd that cheered the action.

The elephant firmly observed the circular movements that the bird followed, this with the help of its trunk threw in vain tugs to the wind, those that were strong but very slow to reach the bird.

Little by little the elephant was losing vigor, he felt tired and the zigzagging flight of his feathered adversary made him dizzy.

It was then that the gray bird decided to use its secret weapon and began to bombard the quadruped.

Suddenly the elephant felt that something was crashing on its head, running a strange and hitherto unexpected fluid on its part.

When contemplating himself stained with blood, the elephant ran scared, abandoning the fight to its fate, the bird being the only true winner.

Teaching that this pataki gives us:

Through this pataki, Ifa It teaches us not to underestimate the facts or people because insignificant things can become of great weight, being even capable of staining our reputation or changing our destiny.

Once again, the supremacy of ideas over force is demonstrated as these are the only weapons that will never expire.

This story expresses the need to plan actions because through this procedure thoughts are consolidated and therefore operations are better executed.

Wise sayings of Ifá that you should know:

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