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The wise father Obatalá teaches us to share with justice ≫ Pataki

Pataki Obatalá and the fish

A Obatala, father Orisha and deity of important influence within the Pantheon of the Yoruba cult, we pray to him for his blessings for different aspects of our lives, as he is the great sage and benefactor of those who venerate and respect him.

It is considered that in Obbatalá all the creation of humanity is framed, and to him the presence of man on earth is owed, for that reason he is Father Orisha, the one who knows the secrets of life and who can intercede for us whenever Let us treat with the utmost respect.

obbatala He is in charge of all people's heads and thoughts. He controls the functioning of all the organs of the body, and the human mind, so he can act as a judge and solve many conflicts.

As the main creator of the human being, he is considered an ideal saint to turn to when presenting difficulties in life, since he can help all his devotees. If we approach him with unconditional devotion and desire to improve in life, he will guide us on the spiritual path.

Pataki: The teachings of Obatala to men

This Pataki says that one day two friends went fishing and after long hours of effort they only got one fish.

As they were already leaving, they began to argue to see which of the two would be the spoils. And so one claimed that it was his, for he had brought the rod and hook.

The other claimed his right to the fish, since the bait and the success of the catch belonged to him.

In the middle of the dispute, a third party appeared who claimed the fish, arguing that he was the owner of that place and that they should ask him for permission to fish in his river. The discussion went on for a long time and it seemed that they were never going to agree.

The fish and lat the decision of Father Orisha

The dispute reached such dimensions that the great Orisha father, Obatalá, woke up from his nap and decided to go to solve the problem, put order and administer justice.

So he went to the place where the men were and said:

  • "They are all right, because in reality each one contributed something essential, so each one has their share of the catch".

Thus, he shared the fish among the three men saying, for the owner of the rod and the hook will be the head, the one who baited and caught it, it touches the center. And to the owner of the land who had not participated in the activity, he awarded the queue.

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