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Pataki How does Obatalá become the protector of all heads?

Pataki Obatalá and the head

Obatala He is a major deity of the Yoruba Pantheon, he is the Orisha who personifies peace on earth, which is why he is identified by the color white.

This saint has the power to provide calm in moments of despair, the use of his cloak is known to cover the sick who come to him in search of cessation or relief of their morbidities.

The Orisha Obatalá in Santeria

This deity habita on top of the mountainsañas and on the white rock surfaces, is syncretized in the Catholic Religion with the Virgen de las Mercedes, celebrating its festivity every year on September 24.

Obatalá has numerous vicissitudes in his destiny, in some he is shown as an arduous warrior while in others he represents a wise old man with completely white hair.

This deity within the Santeria habita in a white receptacle that stores its stones and ceremonial tools inside.

The white Orisha He is the only left-handed deity of the Yoruba Pantheon, which is why he is invoked by the sound of his agogo (bell) by the santero carrying it in his left hand, in the same way this is the reason why his offerings must be placed making use of this same limb.

Pataki of how Obatalá is the Orisha who owns all heads

At the beginning of time, before the creation of the universe took place, Olodumare the Creator descended from space accompaniedañado of his son Obatalá. Beneath the celestial firmament, only water existed, although its presence was made imperceptible by the absence of light.

Then Olodumare took the sun from his chest and made it shine with all the energy of his soul, then he gave his son a handful of earth and a chicken.

Obatalá threw the handful over the water, creating under this action the continents, by uniting land and water in a single plane.

The hen that had been offered to its descendant by the Creator stepped on solid ground and began to dig for it, scattering it and forming the distribution of the continents that we currently know.

Obatala and the creation of man

Olofin entrusted Obatalá with the responsibility of forming the body of man, who would be one of the many creatures that habitaThe earth laughed, he structured it by building a head, body and limbs.

When he finished shaping the man, he aligned his head on his shoulders, so that it would be in charge of governing decision-making, but not before placing a little intelligence inside each of the human brains.

From that day on, Obatalá was responsible for this work, remaining as a perennial in charge of ensuring the protection of all men's heads.

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