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How did Obatalá discover the Respect and Fidelity of his Followers?

Pataki Obatala

He is Babá, as his devotees affectionately call Obbatalá, the father of all children on earth, the creator of human beings and everything that hasabita on the planet, the one who answers to the Supreme God Olodumare and spreads his precepts on Earth.

obbatala governs human life and all parts of the human body, mainly the head and the thoughts that emanate from it, it likes the color white as a symbol of peace and purity.

He is the owner of white metals, especially silver, a neat metal like his deity. He is also an Orisha who represents creation and the magnanimous and superior.

He is characterized as a father full of patience and love, but who above all likes the respect and devotion of his children. Among his many qualities, he brings intelligence, peace and calm to the world.

Pataki Who followed Obatala after following Orula's advice?

Pataki Obatalá and his followers

One good day Father Orisha Obatalá wanted to know who his eternal worshipers and faithful followers were and for this he went to the house of the wise man I guess Orunmila to be consulted.

The diviner saw the Odun Ogbe Bara and ordered him to do ebbo (cleaning) and to carry out a work to the mañanext one.

So early in the morningañaNa Obatalá put the ebo he had sent him on the doorjamb and spread the word that they had killed him.

The news reaches outside ears ...

Obatalá Olufón upon hearing the news, surprise and pain united within him and he became an otá or stone.

Then he went to the house of Obatalá Eyelé, the second was Etú, and then they went there the Warriors, the third was Eleggua, the room Ogun, the fifth oshosi and the sixth Osun.

After them, no one else went to find out if Obatalá was alive or dead.

Obbatalá's decision

After these events, Obatalá made a decision. After making it clear to everyone that he was alive and in good health, he said that Obatalá Olufón was his eternal worshiper.

"Eyelé you were the first to come to my house, you will be my symbol on earth, Etú you were the second, you will be the one to guide the good they ask of me," said the wise Orisha.

Then he told Elegguá that he would continue behind the door and eat before him, and Oshosi and Osun, who also arrived with Elegguá, would also eat before him.

"All of you will be my support," he said, and thus he was able to distinguish the respect of his followers.

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