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Ifá says «The shadow of the conscience will persecute the murderers»

Pataki Obbatala

Obatala the white Orisha He had two children whom he loved in the same way, he always tried to give both of them the same benefits so that they would not feel jealous of each other.

It should be noted that both men were owners of a wealthy fortune, and had also been blessed with the virtue of their father who predicted a promising future in them.

Pataki: Obbatalá and her two blessed sons

One day the eldest son felt overshadowed by the brightness of his brother who was developing more fluidly in life and in a wild act of envy he decided to end his life, because he could not bear to be below anyone since his ego alone It allowed him to be the best in everything, even if the reality was different.

At the very moment in which the firstborn carried out the terrible act, a hen that was nesting in the swamp where they both lived, was the only witness to witness the events.

From that day the animal began to attack the man wherever he was, after attacking his victim, the bird fled away from his reach.   

As time went by, Obatalá wondered about the whereabouts of his youngest son, to which his brother replied that he did not know about the matter.

The Orisha began to suspect that something was wrong, because his second descendant was very attached to him and would never have been away from home for so long without giving an explanation to his father.

The only witness: the hen

Every time Baba went out with his son he watched the hen lash out at him with great fury.

This fact notably drew his attention, so he decided to go talk secretly with the hen so that she could explain the reason for his attitude.

When the Orisha was in front of the hen, she refused to speak, but led Baba through a narrow spot, positioning him hidden among the nascent grasses of the swamp.

The punishment "the shadow of conscience"

It was then that Obatala saw his eldest son approach the shore of the swamp, the one who cried disconsolate and begged for a thousand pardons, this with great pain asked the indulgence of his little brother whom he confessed to having murdered out of envy.

Then the great father flooded in tears could understand everything, from that day his heart broke because the death of his son at such an early age had been a severe blow to him.

It was then that Obatala punished his first-born by casting the shadow of consciousness perpetually over his thought.  

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