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Oddi Leke's Pataki: Why Analyze the Consequences of Favors?

Pataki Oddi Leke

Pataki relates that the dog was experiencing precariousness, his life was very unhappy, he felt that he was traveling a long road that only led him to the same point where he was, without being able to see progress.

one mañaWhile taking a walk, she met her friend the ox on the road, to whom she told what was happening to her.

He took pity on him and, in order to help him, advised him to go to his house. orunmila so that the oracle with his great wisdom could help him to change his destiny.

Pataki: The Ox, the Dog and the Peasant

The next day together they left for the house of the great fortune teller.

Once there, Orula marked the execution of an ebbó, a ritual that would help him obtain the development he needed.

At the end of the ceremony, both friends left for home with the premise of delivering the ebbó package in the bush, in order to definitively complete the work that had been advised by the Ifá oracle.

The return path was narrow, the dog was carrying the package in his mouth, after several hours of traveling he was tired, so his friend the ox with great benevolence raised the idea of ​​taking him a section of the route with his load in order to that this could recover a little.

The importance of following the sacred word of Orula

Then the stocky animal asked the dog to place the ebbó wrapper on his head so that he could continue the journey.

Among many other ingredients the package contained honey and corojo butter.

Elements that under the sun were denaturing, creating without it noticing a kind of adhesive material on the head of the ox.

When they reached the forest where the ebbó was to be deposited, the ox could not detach the load it was carrying from its head, the dog with its paws tried to detach the sticky wrapping without success.

Carrying someone else's cargo can change our destiny ...

The ox felt powerless at not being able to free itself from such an annoying bundle.

Invaded by despair, he lunged at the trunk of a tree with great fury, thrashing his head hard against the wood until the package finally gave way and fell to the ground.

Behind some bushes a peasant observed what was happening, astonished he contemplated the vigor and strength of the bull.

Then he thought that this animal was the great solution he needed to solve his problems, so he stealthily took a rope and tied it around his neck, using it as his slave from that day on.

  • Oddi Leke was the first witness appointed to escortañara Ika Fun in his reign during this 2021 according to the Letter of the year published by the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba.
  • Each pataki gives us an important teaching for our life.
  • "Analyze the consequences of favors and commitments" is one of the recommendations of the Letter of the Year 2021.

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