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The Apple of Discord "Beautiful on the outside, but rotten on the inside"


The ireses and the osogbos they were invited to a very special celebration.

The king of the town where they lived was getting married for the first time, being very much in love with his partner.

The bride was a beautiful, respected young woman from a good family, having as her main quality the love she felt for her future husband.

Pataki from OGBE FUN where Osogbo brings war in revenge

Within the invitation that was extended to the osogbos, the king limited the presence of the war in his feast as a precaution, the war who felt slighted swore revenge for the outrages against his person.

The war took a red apple and enchanted it, but not before añagive him a note that said:

"For the most beautiful woman".

Then he placed it on one of the tables of the place, the apple stood out on the white tablecloth so it caught the attention of several women who rushed towards it.

Suddenly a fight began in the middle of the celebration because everyone wanted to be the most beautiful woman in the place.

In the midst of the dispute, he was asked to Obatala to intercede to appease the situation.

He refused to be a judge in such circumstances and sent the crowd to seek the advice of Ofun the son of Olofin who was also a participant in the wedding ceremony.

Suddenly all the ladies surrounded Ofun placing him in a great commitment, each one stating their reasons to win his favor.

Between conversations they were a good time, the women made him many promises if he crowned them with the lauro of the most beautiful.

Osogbo's mission is accomplished with misfortune and death

Among all the proposals, the young son of Olofin was tempted by the offer to give him the most beautiful woman in the world, so without saying a word he had decided on her.

Ofun gave the apple to this last girl, in payment for her to help him kidnap the king's wife, because for him that was the most beautiful woman in the kingdom.

Once the deal was settled, a great war broke out in the town, fulfilling the true objective of the osogbo who had not been invited. 

The great war brought devastation and death to the people, the relatives of the deceased never recovered their loved ones and their hearts were flooded with sadness.

The king lost his wife and plagues flooded the kingdom, falling from that land into disgrace.

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