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Why in Ogbe Iroso the Ebbó is placed open in front of Elegguá?

Pataki by Ogbe Iroso

When Olofin became seriously ill, all the Babalawos on earth gathered to make him ebbó.

The ceremony to be performed was very large and required many sacrifices, hence the reason for the number of religious who had risen to carry it out.

Pataki by Ogbe Iroso where Orula brand ebbó and the evils remain trapped

When Olofin's wife saw the animals that would be slain, she felt sorry for them, so she asked that the ritual be performed only with the hair and feathers of the animals and that they later let them go.

Before starting the ceremony, the Ifá priests asked Olofin's woman if she wanted to be present, to which she answered yes.

They took a part of the animals and the ministries and hit the ground, the earth opened and at the bottom of the hole the woman observed the remaining animals and other elements of the ebbó.

The earth picked up the osogbo and swallowed all the ebbo!

Olofin's wife started crying because she wanted to save the animals from death, so the Oluos told her to catch them, but she couldn't reach them.

Then the priests asked Olofin if he wanted to go down to look for them, to which he replied that his wife, who was the one who had asked for the ransom, should come down.

When she heard her husband's proposal, she went down without thinking twice, when she had grabbed them the ground closed very quickly and nothing could be done for her.

Religious teachings of this Yoruba pataki:

For this reason when Orunmila marks the completion of an ebbó in Ogbe Iroso the open cartridge must be placed in front of Eleggua a while for the Orisha who owns all the roads to save the person from:

  • death,
  • the envy,
  • the accidents,
  • treachery,
  • making bad decisions,
  • hatred,
  • the misfortune,
  • the misery,
  • jealousy,
  • the sorceries,
  • selfishness and
  • the other osogbos.

So that when the religious closes it all these evils are trapped there and the human being can be saved.

The religious who draws this sign is recommended to avoid curiosity and gossip as he could discover things that he should not know better and in the long run could harm him.

Through this odun the hand is not extended to anyone who mourns misery nor does the person become responsible for the lives of others, since they will be reciprocal or grateful to us.

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