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Ogbe Iroso the way of the Spiritist Fulfill the mission that Olofi gave you!

Pataki Ogbe Iroso

Ogbe Iroso's pataki relates that every religious who takes this odun was born to develop the spiritual field, so he should not be consecrated to become an Ifá priest.

Pataki where a man with the spiritual gift wanted to consecrate himself in Ifá

In a region in southern Africa there was a town where all its members were passers of spirits and sometimes the Orishas also came down through their subjects.

At each spiritual practice the Eggunes would come quietly, communicate their messages, and quietly leave the meeting.

Among these religious there was a man who when he was summoned for some spiritual work went into a trance, which became frantic because the spirit that possessed him could not communicate clearly.

Dejected by this unbearable situation, the spiritist left for other lands where he was taught to educate the spirit that accompanied him.añafather.

Eggun asks the spiritist to consult at the foot of the soothsayer Orula

Until on a certain occasion the Eggún spoke asking that his horse, term with which the person who passes dead is identified, was brought before the foot of orula for it to register.

The next day the individual went to Orula's house and this marked him the realization of an ebbó so that prosperity would come to his life.

He also told him that he was the son of Shango and that he should settle Osha as soon as possible and that by being responsible and humble he would go far in life.

After a few months the religious was consecrated in the sacred ceremony of Osha and later he became very rich.

He was considered and respected by all, but despite all this he was not happy and as he was greedy he wanted more.

As religious we must fulfill the mission that Olofin assigned us!

Then, moved by his ambitions, he went to see Orumila, whom he asked to please consecrate him in Ifá.

To which the great oracle replied:

Olofin rewarded you with the privilege of being the matter that spirits and Orishas prefer to go down to earth and you have not been able to settle for such a high benefit.

Your destiny is NOT to be an Ifá priest but a spiritualist, so you must fulfill the mission that Olofin assigned you.

The spiritist returned home and after much meditation he understood what his mission in life was and decided to give himself to her body and soul.

He also perceived that he should put aside his claims because the spirits and the Orishas had already given him a comfortable and peaceful life.

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