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Ogbe Iwori: "With the tail of the cow the disease was scared away"

Pataki Ogbe Iwori

Health is the most precious good that every human being yearns to possess, hence the religious has used different methods to obtain it or at least to be able to stop the spread of diseases.

One of the rituals that takes on great importance these days is the ebbó that is performed with the cow's tail, a magical element with which Orunmila y Obatala they saved the world especially children.

Pataki: The ebbó Orula scored with the tail of the cow save the world

The children as curious adventurers began the company of sniffing about all the things that were hidden in the world.

The mischievous infants stormed the palace of Constitution and after not having any supervision they began to search among their sacred objects, drawing their attention to some small boxes where the great Orisha contained prisoners a significant part of the forces of good and evil.

Children found the forces of good and evil

While they opened the containers that contained the good, everything was said and happiness, until they began to touch the black boxes where, among so many other evils, the disease was imprisoned.

With the opening of this last mentioned box, a great wave of devastation arose on the earth, because with the presence of a great epidemic, the towns were annihilated, leaving firm way for the arrival of death and chaos.

The main affected by this tragic event were the children, who with their physical departure took the happiness of the world, turning the earth then into a sad and waningly desolate place.

Father Obatalá sought the end of death and disease

Obatalá the Orisha, owner of all heads, upon realizing what happened, decided to find a solution to stop these events.

So he undertook a long journey to the house of Orumila the great Oracle of Ifá, Obatalá needed to put an end to death and illness and Orula then decided to help him.

Orula the fortune teller intervenes and marks Ebbó

This marked the realization of an ebbó with the tail of the cow, for being an animal capable of scare away flies and therefore the epidemics that they transmitted with their presence.

Orula established the need to wear a hair from the ruminant's tail and mark human beings with said protective amulet and Obatalá did so.

Olofin appreciated the act of kindness undertaken by Obatalá and Orula on the world, because without their interventions the earth would have been devastated.

Furthermore, he cited that as punishment for their actions from that day on, children would be more likely than adults to suffer from infectious-contagious diseases.

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