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Ogbe Oche: I will go and Luck comes through the mediation of a Woman

Pataki Ogbe Oche

orunmila received a mañana in his house a man who was going through many needs and miseries.

This was so poor that he did not even have enough to eat, the oracle consulted him indicating the realization of an ebbó which he should deposit at the door of a castle.

Pataki where Orula marks ebbó and fortune comes through a woman

Once the ebbó was done, it was the man's task to deposit it in the castle, so he set out in search of it.

In the middle of his journey, he noticed that a lonely old man lived in a small castle near his town, so he decided as it was closer to him, to head in his direction.

What the man did not know was that the old man's daughter lived in this fortress, who always remained inside his home, that is why no one knew of her existence.

The Ifá oracle marks Ebbó twice in search of prosperity

Being in the presence of the castle, the man placed the ebbó on its door, when he looked up he realized that someone was watching him, so he made an effort to decipher who it was.

When the observer approached the window of the enclosure, the man could discern that it was a beautiful lady, whom he greeted and later continued on his way back to his house.

After a few days the man went back to Orunmila's house so that the great fortune teller could consult him again, drawing the same sign for the second time.

Then Orula prepared an ebbó for him that he should deposit in the same way at the door of a castle.

The man left for the castle where he had deposited the ebbó for the first time, where he met the beautiful girl again.

Abundance comes and I will go by a woman

It took just one look for the spark of love to ignite between them and in this way the man began to woo her every day.

At the proper time, the man asked the girl's father for her hand in engagement and shortly thereafter they got married.

By then the man had inherited his daughter all his fortune, so at the time of marriage the man became rich and used part of that wealth to start a trade and continue to offer his wife the comfortable life to which he is I was used to it.  

In this way the iré came into his hands from a woman, who not only gave him wealth but also love.

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