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How did Ogbe Oddi become King? The one who manages to be brave will be Free

Pataki Ogbe Oddi

This pataki talks about a town that was invaded daily by a beast.

Its terrified villagers fled from it without looking back, while others had to remain in it because they had neither means nor wealth to leave their native region and try their fortune far from home.

When the beast attacked the town, it devastated the crops and killed the animals.

Already some humans had suffered serious injuries from facing it without success.

Pataki where the warrior Ogbe Oddi faces the great beast

Ogbe Oddi, who was a skilled warrior, came to that town and despite the warnings from the locals, he decided to settle there, as he meant that everyone should not fear the beast.

Then Ogbe Oddi settled in a picturesque little house in which he tied a goat he had to graze at its entrance, and just behind the door of the house he placed a cage with a rooster.

The beast who had learned of the audacity of that man decided to go looking for him to test his courage and see if he was not really afraid of him or his words were pure boast.

Ogbe Oddi with the help of the goat and the rooster manages to face his enemy

That night the beast entered the village and when he saw the goat in the garden of the house, he knew that in that place lived Ogbe Oddi, the man who had challenged him.

The goat, realizing the threat, began to howl without stopping and this sound woke up the rooster who crowed over and over again, alerting Ogbe Oddi to the presence of the beast in his home.

Ogbe Oddi took his spear and just as the beast entered his door he stabbed the weapon in his heart, wounding it to death.

The man took the skin of the beast and walked it through the town so that everyone could see with their own eyes how he had annihilated it without anyone's help.

The people were shocked at the bravery of Ogbe Oddi.

The brave warrior is made King by his great courage

All joyfully celebrated the departure of the beast that frightened them forever, so in gratitude for having freed them from the presence of the beast in their domain they made him king, crowning their courage from that moment.

Ogbe Oddi was a good monarch who knew how to honor the trust that the people had placed in him, protecting them and freeing them from any threat that dared to disturb their tranquility.

Until the day death closed his eyes, just after his departure, the people continued to be ruled under his doctrines.

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