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In Ogbe Ojuani Disunity and Envy among fellow men are born

Pataki Ogbe Ojuani

Eleggua he was one of the most prosperous farmers in his town.

He shared his fields with two of his brothers who were also dedicated to this profession, although they did not feel as committed to this profession as he.

Pataki where Eleguá and his brothers receive the weight of divine justice for their actions

The harvest of Elegguá was the one that sold the best in the family, arousing this event in his brothers envy and disunity towards him.

These made curses to his harvest, but all the works were in vain because he received daily the blessing of orula.

While Elegguá secretly cheated them, as he drank the largest influx of water to irrigate his crops, hence the reason that these were so well achieved.

Every day Elegguá brought a yam to Orunmila and other vegetables, which were produced in the three fields.

But the farmer denied to Orula the contribution of his brothers.

Gaining for himself the affection and favor of the Orisha soothsayer, who recommended to all his godchildren to buy the harvest of Elegguá, making his protégé prosperous in his business.

The Supreme Olofin always punishes deception and wickedness

The Elegguá brothers, upon seeing its development and all the favors it received from Orula, went to complain to Olofin, alleging their motives.

Añatelling these that the great oracle of Ifá told his godchildren to buy only from Elegguá's harvest.

Olofin, who is the representation of the eye of divine providence, summoned Orunmila and the Elegguá brothers to a new meeting to clarify everything that was happening.

Showing these how Elegguá engañaHe went to everyone and as this one in turn knew that the farmer's brothers also cursed his sowing.

Once the trap was discovered, the weight of divine justice fell on the three brothers, each receiving the punishment he deserved for his actions and his lack of respect towards Orula.

Religious councils of the sign Ogbe Ojuani

When the religious is consulted and this odun comes out, it is recommended not to tell lies because in the long or short term they will be discovered.

Ifá speaks through this sign of rivalry and competition between human beings where the use of the dark arts is used to win.

Ogbe Ojuani marks the existence between relatives or people very close to them out of jealousy and envy, so the individual must always remain alert about their actions.

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