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The disregard of the Sons causes the Father great pain

Pataki Ogbe Wale

Ogbe Wale was a man consecrated in the Yoruba religion, who always obediently followed the advice of Orula the great fortune teller of Ifá.

This having a good astral was envied by many in his town.

Despite the fact that he performed good deeds towards his fellow men, they did not consider him and never recognize his value, facts that even his own children were ignorant of.

Pataki where Ogbe Wale was not recognized for his good deeds

On one occasion Ogbe Wale went to visit Olofin in order to ask him to end his life, as he was tired of doing good deeds and not being recognized by his peers.

Hurting him even more, that his own children didn't even take care of him.

Olofin denied the request to Ogbe Wale claiming that it was not yet his time to stay in his kingdom, explaining to him:

That he should remain on earth because many things were yet to happen and he should witness them.

From that day on, Ogbe Wale was saddened and remained locked in his house, from which he refused to leave.

When his children saw what had happened to their father, they did not give importance to the matter, because they thought that it would soon pass.

His enemies, realizing that Ogbe Wale was having a bad time, rejoiced, while a very small group of friends were interested in his health. 

Olofin's council brought Ogbe Wale and his sons together

When things did not start to go well for Ogbe Wale's children, they went to see Olofin who reproached them for their disinterested attitude towards their father.

The Orisha did not understand how they had left him alone in the situation in which he found himself, knowing that he was sad and that for this reason he did not eat well.

Olofin informed them that they should all go to apologize to him and that from that day on their attitude should change, becoming a little more concerned and loving, because Ogbe Wale deserved it by having been a great father to them and an excellent human being.

Ogbe Wale's children became aware of what Olofin advised them, immediately going to their father's house to visit him.

When they saw his condition, they felt guilty for not having considered him as he deserved and from that moment they began to take care of him and dedicate time to him.

Ogbe Wale felt loved and thanks to Olofin's help he lived very happily until the end of his days.

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