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Pataki: Ebbó with musical instruments in the land of Ogbe Yekun

Pataki Ogbe Yekun

Ogbe Yekun was a very powerful man, with a strong temper and few words.

He was always well dressed and his face reflected seriousness, which is why he was sometimes feared by his peers who even avoided greeting him for fear of his reaction.

Yoruba history where persuasion is achieved with the Ebbó

Every time he got angry, he threatened to kill those who dared to step on his land or carry out an affront to him.

So the men and women of the town did not visit it, living an existence full of loneliness and emptiness.

In his domains Ogbe Yekun had multiple tree plantations, some for fruit trees and others for the timber trade.

On these hung the skulls of his enemies and intruders who raided his property.

One day the habitaBefore the town they got tired of living in fear so they went to Olofin to complain about Ogbe Yekun's attitude.

Orula provides the answer through the sacred word of Ifá

The Orisha suggested to these that they visit orunmila who through Ifá would advise them what to do.

After the interview with Olofin, the men returned to earth and went to Orula's house, to whom they raised all their doubts.

He consulted them, marking the realization of an ebbó, which had to be executed through musical instruments, which later had to be placed in the lands of Ogbe Yekun.

All hearing this was stunned because no one wanted to be responsible for depositing the ebbó, except a young maid who volunteered to do so.

Persuading is an art, more powerful than force

When the day came, the young girl took the musical instruments and entered the lands of Ogbe Yekun, making them sound.

When Ogbe Yekun saw her, who believed herself indestructible, he was surprised, because for a long time no one had dared to enter his domain in that way.

This told him not to continue advancing or he would see the consequences of his actions, she told him that she was not afraid of him and that she came to take him with her and she did.

With the help of the power of music, the young lady subdued Ogbe Yekun by taking him to Olofin who wanted to clear accounts with him.

The Orisha rebuked the man for his acts of excessive violence and every time he needed his presence in the kingdom of heaven, he sent for the beautiful woman to bring him before his throne.

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