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Accept the plans that Ifá has for you ► The story of the Limosnero

Pataki Ogbe Yono

Ogbe Yono was a very proud manHe thought that he could only relate to those who were at the same purchasing power, always considering himself superior to others.

On one occasion a beggar came to his house asking for charity to consult him, Ogbe Yono, as he had no right to offer, refused to do so.

Pataki of the beggar who gets rich in Ogbe Yono

The beggar, who needed to be consulted, went to the house of another babalawo and this being more humble felt sorry for his condition and helped him.

The Oluo marked him the realization of an ebbó, the one that he had to deliver at the door of a castle.

The frightened beggar told him that if he did that he could be surprised, then the priest explained:

Perhaps those are the plans that Ifá has for you, but neither you nor I will be able to know it until it happens.

Then without further ado the beggar left with his ebbó on his way to the castle, once there he deposited it and was immediately arrested by the palace guards, who took him before the king to clarify the whole situation.

When ebbó is done, Ifá guides us towards our true destiny

When the king saw the beggar, he asked him what he had left at the door of his castle, to which he replied that it was a cartridge with all the alms he had collected during the day.

The incredulous king sent his soldiers to look for the cartridge and to open it and indeed it contained the coins.

Intrigued, he asked the beggar if he had a family and he replied that he lived with his father, who was an older man and also had the skills of a fortune teller.

The monarch then became curious to see if this was true and summoned him to the palace.

Upon arrival the old man sat next to his son and when he saw that the king was uncomfortable, he said:

King, you cannot sit well because you are sick, I suggest you pray with medicinal herbs to alleviate your illness, the king did so and after a few days he was cured.

You should not live from contempt, but from humility

Due to the honesty of both and the virtues of the old man, the king was interested in his past, so he asked the beggar how his life had been and he told him everything including the contempt he had suffered at the hands of Ogbe Yono.

The offended king sent for the Oluo and made him publicly apologize for such offense.

The monarch invited the beggar and his father to live in his court and be his advisers, thus putting an end to the lean years that they lived.

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