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4 Stories of the Ogunda Sign to reflect and "avoid tragedies"

Pataki Ogunda

Discussion or tragedy over one thing

Süyere of the sign (songs):

Ogunda Meji Teteji Teteji Fararajas Afesuje Lesilosun.

  • When leaving this sign With both hands you give three pats on the belly, then with the hands together you blow out.

Orishas that speak in this oddun:

  • Ochosi,
  • choose,
  • Ogun,
  • Yemaya
  • Obatala,
  • Aggallu,
  • Olofi and
  • you can extend and speak Obaluaye.

In this sign is born:

  • Birth autopsy and surgery.
  • The science of war.
  • Weapons.
  • Aggressive actions.
  • The Otí.
  • Venereal diseases.
  • Save a son, even if he is not present.
  • The iron
  • It marks impotence in men and vaginal diseases in women.

4 Stories that Oddun Ogunda gives us

Patakies of Ogunda

1. The one who mistreats receives a punishment

Erurú was very despotic and mistreated his companions a lot, he had a dog. One day the boys got tired of Erurú and decided to get together and go after him.

So he fled to the mountain and hid inside a jar, leaving his dog outside, the dog got tired of waiting for him to go for him and since he did not come, he decided to go back to town.

There they received him and gave him something to eat, then they returned with the dog to the mountain to show them the way to Erurú. And there they found him and killed him, giving all credit to the dog. 

2. Because of the argument, they both lost

A long time ago there was a person who lived in a town and had already gotten bored of being in it, had already done everything there and was tired of doing nothing.

He arrived at another town, and when he entered he saw a person with a jamo in his hand who was heading towards a nearby lagoon, moved by curiosity he went behind that person and saw how he was trying to catch a fish.

The fisherman did not like that they were spying on him and that on top of that the stranger caught a fish with his own jamo while he had not succeeded.

They began to argue heatedly about who was the owner of the fish, and while they were fighting the fish jumped into the water and they continued their fight.

3. You also pay for doing favors

They were good friends Laquin and Adofin. One day Laquin told his friend that if he could take care of his bag because he did not want to take it with him where he was going.

The next day he gives you to store some merchandise that can be dañar because there were so many who went adañalaugh.

On the third day he gives Adofin some coins to keep because he trusted his friend a lot.

In those days Adofin decides to have a party and in this they steal his friend's coins.

The next day Laquin is going to ask for the return of the coins and Adofin responds that he is sorry, that it was stolen at the party. So he doesn't believe it and decides to tell everyone in town that his friend is a scammer and that he stole their money in complicity with the others. 

4. Orula decides not to fight his father Olofi

Once many people got together to fight with Olofi, for this reason he ordered meetings to be held throughout the town and decided to look for the Iron God Oggún To tear off all the heads

And so he did, until he came last orula.

Oggún then asked him the reason for his late arrival, to which the soothsayer replied that he did not agree to fight with his father Olofi.

It was then that Olofi said to Orula:

«Since you were late, because you didn't want to fight with me, you will always be late and you will be the last to speak, but you will be the King of the people"

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