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An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth The evil that is done, it is paid!

Pataki An Eye for an Eye

Ifá relates that there was once a king who ruled with justice and intelligence for many years.

He sought to transmit to his disciples teachings that would make them forge themselves as good men.

The king secretly prepared his students for when the time came, one of them would occupy his throne and lead the people to a prosperous future.

Pataki: He who does not do ebbó and has bad behavior falls from grace

Among these, a very wise man stood out, who was an advisor to the monarch, once through him the king issued a statement to the people where he told them that:

Whoever committed a crime would pay for it with his life, giving an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth for the damage caused.

An order that the people listened to and accepted without claiming.

Another of the king's disciples was an ambitious individual, who had longed throughout his life to become sovereign and obtain great wealth regardless of whom he gave.añadown the road.

Among many trades this man was engaged in commerce where he exported all kinds of articles, generating abundant profits, remunerations that in his opinion were not enough.

He who does not respect the word of Ifá does not reach his destiny

one mañaNa, moved by curiosity, the merchant visited the king's adviser for guidance.

This, who was a priest of Ifá, registered it, indicating to him the realization of an ebbó to settle his head, because a danger was looming that could be related to making a bad decision.

But as this man did not have faith, he decided not to perform the ceremony because he was convinced that he did not need the help of any divine power to determine his own affairs.

When he left Oluo's house, he was laughing along the way when he remembered the words of the wise man where he told him that:

He had to learn to settle for what life had given him.

One day tired of waiting and eager for power, the merchant began to organize a revolt to overthrow the king and assume the mandate of the kingdom, because he believed that he deserved that honor.

He who does not comply sooner or later pays before divine justice

At the moment indicated by the leader, the demonstrations broke out and, between conflicting opinions and a struggle, the merchant fatally wounded one of the king's soldiers.

In the midst of all the chaos they managed to take him prisoner and bring him to justice to pay for his misdeed.

The merchant denied the charges and pleaded not guilty, but the evidence against him was irrefutable.

As the man with his money had bought part of the town, the Babalawo it was necessary to give life to the deceased for a few seconds so that he himself would declare blaming the real murderer.

In this way the merchant for his ambition was executed, paying with his life the high crime of the murder of the soldier.

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