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Do not worry! Betrayal is always punished by the God Olodumare

pataki olodumare

Pataki relates that on one occasion a young orphan wandered alone in the town market, he had only two pesos to support himself.

Despite the fact that the products were very cheap, his income was too little to survive for a month, trying to save his finances as much as possible, he made the cheapest purchase he could and went home.

To get to his home he had to cross the mountain, in the course of his trip the young man began to lament his bad luck.

Suddenly from the undergrowth Olodumare who offered the boy a deal.

Pataki: The Deal of the Orphan and the Supreme God Olodumare:

The supreme Orisha asked the orphan to give him the rest of the money that was left over from the purchase and that once he did so he would have in his home everything he had always longed for, but he should go on his way without worry or regret.

The only requirement that he could not violate was to tell his agreement to any living being, because if this happened the benefits of his meeting would be broken.

When the young man arrived at the house, he was surprised to see that everything he had once dreamed of came true, diseases no longer existed, the unhealthy conditions in which he lived had been eradicated and the food on the table was abundant.

That night the boy felt very happy and grateful and went to bed overjoyed and satisfied.

Not everything is what it seems Beware of double intentions!

A short time later, the boy met the jicotea who asked him for shelter and food, and the young man, seeing himself reflected in it, gave it to him without hesitation.

But the jicotea did not have good intentions, it did not want shelter but all the good fortune that the boy had.

She really wanted to get her luck and her possessions, so she began to inquire about how the poor orphan had been able to progress so much without the apparent help of anyone.

Seeing that her research was invalid, the turtle conspired with the lizard and the majá in order to discover the young man's secret.

The lizard asked the rooster that as soon as the boy left the house, he would warn him by singing and this happened.

Olodumare imposed a punishment on the treacherous

Then the turtle, the lizard and the majá They secretly followed the boy to Olodumare's palace.

Upon his arrival, Olodumare asked the boy with whom he was coming to which he replied that, with no one, then the supreme Orisha ordered the rogues to come out of their hiding place and thus their betrayal was discovered.

As a punishment Olodumare imposed on the majá a new way of walking, which would be crawling, from that day on the lizard would be stuck to the walls and the turtle that it wanted shelter would be captive inside its shell.

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