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Pride divided heaven and earth Why did the sacred ceiba unite them?

Pataki olofi heaven and earth

At the beginning of time the earth and the sky lived in harmony and worked together to provide a better existence for their protégés.

Pataki: The brothers earth and sky move away and Olofi intervenes

One day the Earth felt jealous of heaven and decided that her role as provider of life should receive greater recognition than that of her brother, so she began to feel superior to him and to blame him for what she had done for him.  

It claimed to be worthy of all the virtues of Constitution and therefore demanded greater benefits.

Sad and surprised at so much arrogance, he decided to move away from the earth and punish it in this way, so he began to move away from the ground, becoming unattainable for those beings who did not possess the grace to fly.

The ceiba: its branches touching the sky and its roots touching the earth

The ceiba tree, which had been a silent witness to the lawsuit, began to analyze what had happened, realizing that, unintentionally, it was a mediator between heaven and earth, finding its branches touching the sky and its roots embracing the entrances.añas of the earth.

La Ceiba watched with sadness as the plants withered due to the intense heat, the sky did not provide the rain, so the drought devastated the land, the soils were cracking and the sources of water supply began to run out.

The wise plant required the help of Cole, the tiny aura and requested that it carry the message to Olofin of what had happened, thus avoiding the destruction of the planet.

Creator Olofin restores balance to the planet

Olofin called both heaven and earth and rebuked them for their excessive acts, from that day both brothers remained close together and were forced to carry out the orders of the supreme Orisha to restore balance on the planet.

Since then, the rain visited the soils, humanity once again knew the stars and the plants did not dry up again, nor did the animals disappear.

The blessing of the ceiba as a sacred tree

For his great contribution in preventing the destruction of the planet, Olofin blessed the Ceiba and indicated that in gratitude the religious should offer sacrifices, making it blessed and majestic above the other species.

This allowed the spirits to take refuge in it and make use of their intelligence and wisdom from that moment, for all the aforementioned, a Yoruba deity known under the name of Iroko, who watches over the union of heaven and earth among other of his tasks.

Learn more about the Orisha Iroko and the sacred ceiba:

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