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Power is in unity. Why should we avoid confrontations?

Pataki the moon and the sun

According to African mythology the beginnings of the world were very different from what we know today.

It was birth, the new energy emanating from the universe, the creation of the entire world that we inherit today.

At that time, the creator, God, arranged for the stars, the sun and the moon to reign in all sidereal spaces, but with one condition:

They could not destroy each other because they would depend forever on their union, one on the other, the constellations being also subject to their arbiter.

Pataki: Olofi and the creation of powers on earth

For Africans, the sun, the sun, is considered the power of Ifá, while the great moon is given the power of Osha.

Therefore the importance of getting along with these two powers as they are important powers in their rites.

Thus Olofin, the creator in the Yoruba religion, created both powers on earth.

The power of the other must always be respected!

So for the jungle he chose the lion and the tiger, so that their power would reign over all the other animals that haveabitaban on earth.

In the jungle, Olofi redistributed these powers by giving orunmila, the fortune teller and great oracle of Ifá the representation of the lion, the king of the jungle and the Osha the representation of the tiger.

These two powerful forces that represent the African religion as the same animals, cannot be attacked, because a confrontation would provoke a war and the destruction of both.

The powers must be respected, because both are sacred and ancestral.   

And as the great creator planned, the God Olofin, in the great animal kingdom the lion does not attack the tiger, they respect each other and maintain a natural agreement, where one hunts not the other.

If this law of God is respected in the African jungle, it must also be respected among men.

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