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The White Dove is a sacred animal in the Yoruba Religion ≫ Pataki

Pataki Olofin and the white doves

The Pataki relates that the pigeons lived in the bush to their own devices, experiencing precariousness.

Eleggua, the Orisha owner of the avatars of fate felt sorry for their situation and decided to speak with Constitution so that he would welcome them into his palace and offer them a roof and food in exchange for them to carry their messages to the other Orishas and human beings.

The pigeons arrive at the palace of the creator Olofi and make ebbó

When the pigeons arrived at Olofin's palace in the kingdom of heaven they were received with many luxuries, for this reason the other animals felt jealous of their fate and began to secretly conspire to harm them, trying to influence their behavior to that the great Orisha was disappointed in them and banished them to the earth plane.

Olofin who was aware of the situation asked orunmila the great Oracle of Ifá, who made them ebbó in order to free them from all the evils that haunted them.

The pigeons obediently followed the advice of Ifá, then Olofin pleased made them his messengers because he considered that such pure birds deserved the honor of taking his word to those who needed it.

Olofi rewards gratitude and loyalty

As the years passed, pigeons with dyed plumages forgot their commitment to Olofin and no longer wished to carry his messages, as they considered that they deserved better rewards for their work.

While her sisters the white doves remained faithful in their promise of gratitude and decided to continue rendering their services to the great Orisha who had once welcomed them in the warmth of a home.

«"Only white doves would be sacred and would touch the heads of religious people."

The pigeons that deserted their mission were expelled from the kingdom of heaven and returned to earth where they began to experience precariousness again, since they no longer had a home to protect them from the cold and rain, food and food being absent. shelter.

Regretful of their decision, they went to Olofin's foot to beg his forgiveness and to ask him to warm them again under his mantle.

He decided to give them a new chance despite their mistakes, although he made it clear that only the white doves would be sacred and would touch the heads of the religious.

He demanded that the rest of the pigeons would have to respect the hierarchy that from that day would be established within the Yoruba Pantheon, where only the white ones would be in charge of knowing their confidential messages.

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