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Why can't we touch the sky? ≫ Patakí de Olorun

Pataki Olorun

In the Yoruba religion, Olorun, Owner of Heaven, is the second manifestation of the God Olodumare, as one of the different expressions of divinity that, in turn, indicate aspects of the Supreme Being.

He is always present day or night, even if we do not see him, and for this reason we greet him by standing in front of the sun with our arms outstretched and our palms open as a sign of deep respect.

Olorun in heaven remains, always looking at the earth and in direct contact with men, who can come to him through intermediaries, to request his help and support.

But a Yoruba legend indicates why we must go to the aid of other gods if we want to communicate with Olorun.

Pataki: Olorun and its connection with humans

One of the Yoruba Pataki about the creation and beginnings of the world, says that there was a time when Orun (the so-called heavenly paradise) was close to Earth.

It is said that in those times humans could even touch the sky and speak directly to Olorun about their wishes, joys and sorrows.

Olorun and humans then shared close communication and men had unhindered access to the good things in heaven.

The mistake of men

However, this happiness soon faded due to human evil deeds. The fact is that one day, a man with dirty hands touched and smeared the immaculate, sacred and neat sky.

And instead of reproaching him for his behavior, other people joined in, cleaning their hands after every meal in the beautiful sky and in the clouds that covered Olorun.

Because of this, the Ruler of the Heavens became extremely irritated and moved the heavenly paradise out of the reach of human beings.

As a consequence, today Olorun can only be reached through intermediaries, one of them is Elegguá-Eshu, the messenger of the gods who is in charge of getting our messages from the earth.

Although these mediators are represented in many gods of the Yoruba pantheon, who are guides, advisers and send our prayers to the Yoruba gods.

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