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Why did Olofin make Orisha Oko the king of the land and all its secrets?

Pataki Orisha Oko

Constitution became a father after the arrival of his son Kawo Sile, whom he loved above all things.

This, due to all the responsibilities he had, decided to give it to his older sister. Obañene to take care of it.

Kawó Silé grew up under the tutelage of her sister and her father, spending her life with great affection.

Olofin taught his descendant the secrets of Ifá so that one day he could make use of them for his own benefit and that of humanity.

Olofi goes to Orula to find his son Shango

When Kawó Silé was an adult, he decided to leave his home and travel the world in search of his own destiny, a fact that greatly affected Olofin who, anguished at not receiving news of his descendant, requested Orumila's help.

The soothsayer advised him to carry out an ebbó and later give the news that his son was missing and that he would give a large reward to whoever helped him find him, a prize that consisted of knowing all the secrets of the earth at the hands of Olofin.

Of the entrancesañaShango emerges from the earth

Orisha oko whoever was working his land heard the rumor of the disappearance of Olofin's son, a fact that did not take much into account.

While he sang, he heard sprouting from the entrancesañaFrom the earth a manly voice called him.

The voice corresponded to Kawó Silé, with the help of his plow he unearthed a large rock that was stuck, which once on the surface was transformed into Shango, immediately became a rock again and that is how the Orisha laborer came with the rock upon his team of oxen to the domain of Olofin.

Olofin astonished observed the transformation of his son, whom he hugged with great force feeling grateful to have him again by his side.

Then he decided to pay his debt to Orisha Oko, to whom he gave all the secrets of the earth as a reward.

The secrets of the earth are given to Orisha Oko:

In this way, the Supreme Orisha blessed the farmer, who from that moment carried out his work of protection on the earth, offering man and other living beings the possibility of nourishing themselves with it, as it is the same source of home and life. .

Then Orisha Oko was king and under his rule the world lived a great time of abundance and prosperity guided by his good judgment and his great heart.

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