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Pataki de Oroiña: “The fire” that is born from the entrailsañas of the earth

Pataki Oroina

Before Olodumare pour his virtue on the earth this was an undefined territory where incandescent flames predominated and life was null.

On his tour of these places he felt so hot that he sent to look for Yemu, first-born deity of the waters so that with their powers they would put out the flames that suffocated the earth.

After a difficult day of work, the marine deity had eradicated the overwhelming fire, being able to visualize the silence and tranquility under the rocks for the first time.

The sacred liquid runs on the earth ...

The water, material spilled on the earth ran over it, occupying the furrows that the fire had created.

Due to the narrowness of the road, the precious liquid in some places became salty while in others closer and shallower it continued to maintain its sweet taste.

In this way, the water was distributed evenly over the entire surface, giving rise to this phenomenon to the emergence of rivers and oceans.

Oroiña “the fire” asks to dominate the earth again

Not satisfied with what happened, Oroiña, who was the embodiment of fire, who had been confined to the heart of the earth, requested to meet with Olodumare to claim his rights.

The Supreme Orisha listened attentively to their demands but could not agree to what he wanted because the fire demanded to dominate the earth again.

After long hours of talk, Olodumare agreed to partially free Oroiña, allowing him to manifest through certain mounds of earth, which would house the burning lava inside.

This being the most accurate representation of its fire which would sprout from the entrails.añas of the earth.

Along with Oroiña comes death for living beings

On the days when the wrath of the deity is unleashed, his voice can be heard through the roar that the volcano emits before going into activity.

With the eruption of Oroiña on earth comes destruction and death for living beings.

Oroiña shares his domains with his descendants, among which we can mention Aggayu Solá, saint who embodies the body of the Volcano, strong and majestic deity who does not believe in second chances.

Aggayú Solá and Oroiña join forces

This deity and his father join forces combining forces to punish immoral and unjust acts, attacking with force against human beings who work with evil.

While the opposite occurs with people who are willing to help without expecting anything in return to those who benefit with health and spiritual strength.

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