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The Mud Head and the ebbó saved Orula from death: Pataki

Pataki Orula Iku

Recounts the pataki born in the odun Ogbe Iwori las lasañas related to the virtues of Orumila the great Oracle of Ifá, his grace to heal and bless was so high that the liars began to create cizañaIt's against you.

Pataki from Ogbe Iwori: The Mud Head

In this way, Orula's enemies found in rumors the perfect way to tarnish his good name and thus day by day mistrust of him grew.

But the bad intentions and envy were so great that Orula's enemies had the audacity to accuse him before Olodumare and later they asked the other villagers to give their opinion on the oracle.

Faced with the false accusations against Orula, Olodumare makes a decision

Eng men and womenañatwo for the lies fell into the trap and the vast majority gave a wrong faith on Orula, so Olodumare was forced to make a wrong decision.  

The supreme Orisha summoned Iku (death) to his palace and to this he entrusted the task of ending Orula's life, demanding as proof the possession of the head of the fortune teller at his feet.

The fortune teller makes ebbó to avoid misfortunes!

Orula, who feared for her safety without knowing anything, decided to register, obtaining a letter that predicted great misfortunes, for which she made ebbo with many elements, including a head of clay.

As the magnitude of the danger was high, it was necessary to perform immolations to the other Orishas, ​​in search of their help to cope with such a disastrous situation.

Iku goes in search of the fortune teller Orula

That same night Ikú arrived at Orumila's house following his trail to the habitation where the diviner slept.

To his surprise he found Elegguá there who had gone to support the sage Orisha.

Death informed Elegguá that Olodumare had sent her in search of Orula's head.

Then Elegguá replied that Orula had committed suicide, but that he had asked him to keep his head so that it could be delivered to Olodumare.

Immediately afterwards, the holy owner of all roads handed over the head of clay to death who left with his trophy to the palace of Olodumare.

Orula defeats death with the help of Eleguá

On the way back to the palace it began to rain and Iku had his head wrapped in mud.

Suddenly she thought about how strange Orula's suicide was, so she decided to examine the head that Elegguá had given her to see if it was the correct one.

When the rain discovered her, it hurt her features so that death could not recognize her.

Upon arriving at the palace, death gave the clay head to Olodumare and told him what had happened and it was in this way that Orumila was able to defeat death.

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