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If we are honest and humble, we will be rewarded by the Orishas

Pataki orula and the blind man

Yoruba religion It also responds to different commandments of Ifá, which must be fulfilled by all santeros and believers and whose objective is to maintain balance and peace in life on earth, since they are designs that speak of the honor and integrity of the practitioners .

Therefore, within the Osha Rule and among religious, the path of a santero must be exemplary. No Babalawo, Santero or Santera can be arrogant, on the contrary, the Yoruba religion advocates the modesty, humility and honesty of its members.

It has been explained many times that evil should not be asked of anyone and that those who are humble will always be rewarded by the gods.

Let's see next, one of the Yoruba patakíes that highlights the importance of truth and humility in the devotees of the Rule of Ocha.

Pataki: The humble blind man and the king

This patakí tells that a blind man sang before the king in an excellent way every day and the monarch, delighted with his service, gave him important gifts.

However, despite winning the king's favor, the blind man kept asking for alms, saying that as long as his Guardian Angel did not abandon him, he would have good fortune.

A palace servant who heard him was very envious of the beggar, so he went to see the king and told him what he had heard.

The king decided to check the humility of the blind man and the next day when he finished singing, he asked him to keep a necklace of corals.

The man then went straight to his house where he kept the garment in a safe place so that no one could have access to it.

Orula's council overcomes envy

But the envious man watched the blind man to find out the place where he had kept the garment. Then, he took advantage of the first time the house was alone and stole the necklace, to throw it into the sea.

After doing so, he prompted the king to inquire about the garment in store. The sovereign did so and the blind man went to the hiding place.

But great was his surprise to find it empty, and he felt so stunned that he decided to visit orula, the great fortune teller and oracle of Ifá, seeking advice.

Through the Fortune Teller, his Guardian Angel advised him to pray with the largest snapper he could find in the market.

The blind man followed the instructions and when he finished praying, he opened the fish and found the missing necklace inside.

Then he hastened to show it to the king, who again welcomed him with gifts and punished the envious servant.

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