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Orula's word and Ori's relationship with human fortune

Pataki Orula and the head

Much is respected in the yoruba religion, the importance of connecting with our Ori, the head of a person in its most spiritual way, one that unites luck with behavior.

Considered the universal deity of the house and luck, worshiped by both sexes as the god of destiny. It is the one that is in the head and manages, as we mentioned, good luck or bad fortune.

It is always clarified that said fortune is always related to the behavior and characteristics of the person and their stable connection with Ori.

Yoruba Pataki: Orula, Ori and fortune

This Pataki says that a man was in a terrible situation and suffered a lot. Things were going so badly for him that one day he decided to go see the great I guess Orula to help him.

After consulting him, the sage told him that his misfortune came from his own head, because he had been ungrateful and for that reason he was no longer connected with his Ori in a good way, so he did not have protection or good fortune and had Death behind. .

In order for him to save himself, Orula explained that it was necessary to pray with a can of epoxy (Corojo Butter), two hens, two chickens and the clothes he was wearing, and then put it at the foot of a dry tree.

As he did so, he told him that he would feel a very big noise, but he should not be scared, instead, he should look to know what had caused it.

The gift of the Ebbó

Man had to make a great sacrifice to obtain the necessary things for the ebbó (cleaning), but in the end he did it perfectly as the soothsayer had advised.

Then he looked for a dry tree to deposit, and thus came to the garden of a ruined castle, where he found the appropriate place.

When he put him down and turned his back, a shocking noise made him run, but he remembered the words of the sage Orula and returned to the place.

To his surprise, at the foot of a recently fallen wall he found a great treasure, owned by the former owner of the castle and that no one had been able to discover, so he kept all the wealth of that place.

Let's remember to be grateful

But when fortune replaced misery, and man became rich and powerful, he also became vain and forgot Orula, the counselor who allowed him to drive away bad luck, osogbo and misery, and all those who had helped him .

Then his happiness disappeared, as well as his material and spiritual wealth, and he was left in poverty again, but now, forever.

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