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The fortune teller Orula always warns of the betrayal of enemies

Pataki Orula and the betrayal

Much has been said about orula, like the Great Orisha Diviner who does not fear death and who smells of deception and betrayal.

And it is that Orunmila nobody can engañarlo. In fact, those who try it and those who disregard his advice, can be victims of the Osogbos sent by the malevolent Eshú.

Orula is the prophet of the world, sent by the God Olodumare to control the evolution of all your creations. He is the Orisha of divination, to whom no one can cause any harm, because he knows everything.

He reveals the future through the secret of Ifá and allows the communication of men with all the orishas, ​​helping humanity to overcome the obstacles on the path of life.

Legend has it that Orula is the only Orisha who made a pact with Ikú and commanded him to respect his children through the Necklace of Orula and Ildé.

Pataki: Orula before the danger of death discover the betrayal

Orula, as soothsayer and owner of the oracle, has the ability to influence adverse fate, even if it was his own.

Thus, this patakí tells that one day Orula was sent to look for a town where people wanted to kill him, because they did not trust his gifts, they accused him of being a liar and said that he was cheating.añaba to those who consulted him.

But the sage had registered in the mañana and the sacred oracle told him that before doing something he had to pillar yam, so he took his pylon and went to the town where they were waiting for him to make an itá.

The sage's discovery save him

Orula arrived at the town suspicious and prepared to do Itá. But before he started, he asked for a yam to be brought to him.

Next, he placed his pylon on the mat and began to pound the fruit, as the Oracle had warned him to do.

Shortly after he was tapping the mat, he saw that it was stained with blood, and he wanted to find out what was happening. When he lifted it, he discovered a snake that the inhabitants of that town had placed under it to kill him when he sat down.

Thus Orula proved to be the great sage Orisha that changes destiny and cannot be engañado. Only by following the Oracle's advice was he able to escape the betrayal of his enemies.

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