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Why do cats hunt mice? ≫ Patakí from Orula

Pataki orula and the mice

Es orula, mythical fortune teller and one of the most important figures of the Yoruba cult, is the representation of wisdom and reason, good decisions, factors in favor. He is the great benefactor of humanity.

It is the Orisha of divination, revealing the best way to face the future through the use of the supreme oracle of the Yoruba. Orula, as soothsayer and owner of the oracle, has the possibility of influencing the future and the destiny of men on earth.

Those who do not follow the advice of Orula within the Yoruba religion, can be victims of the Osogbos sent by the malevolent Eshú. That is why many of those who have rejected the help of the fortune teller have suffered bitter consequences.

In this story, those who did not listen to Orula suffered a terrible fate.

Pataki by Orula and the mice

This Pataki says that mice were lazy and liked to steal other people's possessions. To do this, they entered the houses through tunnels that they dug and took everything they could, including fruits and vegetables. They also looted barns and crops and had become the worst of the plagues.

One day Orula came to the land of mice and wanted to change that problem. He said that everyone should make a living from their work and if they did not do it, they would have a deserved punishment.

But the mice, far from obeying his orders, mutinied against the sage and threw everything in their path at him, taking him little by little to the sea.

When he reached the seashore, the mice pushed him and the orisha soothsayer fell into the water.

The town of cats

In the sea, Orula was able to hold on to a piece of wood and swam to another town habitaI do for the cats. There he discovered that those animals were very clean and jealously protected his possessions, not allowing anyone to steal.

The cats heard what the sage Orula told them and then decided to immediately attack the mouse town to end that plague.

Thus, the cats entered the town and ate all the mice. And since that day, the cats have not stopped hunting the mice.

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